In your Arabic text, place Qurʾanic material in braces: {  }. No footnote is needed for citation. When your Arabic text quotes from the Qurʾan, please paste in the required lines from, which includes full Qurʾanic voweling.  The easiest way to search for a copy-and-pastable version of the ayah you want is to click on بحث وفهارس  on the Arabic side of the home page. Once you have clicked through, choose the sura you want, and then type in a word from the excerpt, so that it searches only those ayahs that include that word.  You can copy-and-paste the ayah directly into your document.

In your English text, place translated Qurʾanic material in guillemets (French-style quotation marks): « » . You should also add an endnote citing the sura and ayah, in accordance with section 6.2.3 of the Library of Arabic Literature Handbook for Editor-Translators (available here:

We strongly encourage you to rely on one published translation of the Qurʾan for the sake of consistency.