Monday, October 30th, 2017 1:32 pm

We’ve been delighted to see some of our readers attempting the recipes from LAL’s 13th century cookbook, Scents and Flavors. Most recently, Anny Gaul tried her hand at jūdhābat tabbālah, a medieval Syrian recipe similar to m’sakhan – one of her favorite Palestinian dishes — and documented it on her Middle East cooking blog!

As a nod to contemporary m’sakhan, Anny adapted the original recipe to include toasted pinenuts and caramelized onions. She added as well a Moroccan spice mixture, also called m’sakhan, composed of cumin, ginger, allspice, and cinnamon. She confirms that, true to the original recipe’s claim, the final dish “comes out very nicely.”

If you’d like to try Anny’s adaptation of jūdhābat tabbālah, jump to her blog, Cooking with Gaul, here. You can also check out her recipe for chicken with caraway, mint, and garlic – another Scents and Flavors adaptation – here.

Be sure to pick up your own copy of Scents and Flavors here.

And let us know if you have tried any recipes from Scents and Flavors yourself!