Monday, October 17th, 2016 2:55 pm


Come hear LAL’s Michael Cooperson (Virtues of the Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal), Humphrey Davies (Leg over LegBrains ConfoundedRisible Rhymes), and General Editor Philip Kennedy speak at the Dubai Translation Conference this week, sponsored by the Emirates Literature Foundation. Some highlights from the event roster:

October 20

4PM: “The Untranslatable: Algebra and Zero to Selfies and Google” (Cooperson)

October 21

9-11:15AM: “Literary Translation: Should It Follow Established Canons or Be a Broader Act of Restoration?” (Kennedy)

2-4PM: “The Turath in English” (Cooperson)

4:30PM: “Literary Diplomacy: Changing Trends and Danger Zones in Translation” (Davies, Kennedy)

October 22

9:15AM-12PM: “Teaching Translation at the University Level” (Cooperson)

1:30PM: “Mastering Arabic: Unpeeling the Onion!” (Cooperson)

2:45PM: “The Future of Translation: Machines versus Humans” (Kennedy)

You can register via the site, and find the full program here. We hope you can make it!