Friday, February 12th, 2016 4:26 pm

Toorawa_FRONTIn the Feb. 12 issue of the Times Literary Supplement, Amira K. Bennison flatteringly calls the Library of Arabic Literature “an exciting project which is bringing a range of Arabic classics to English and modern Arabic readers in fresh, high-quality editions which strive for accessibility as well as accuracy.”

Among these classics is Consorts of the Caliphs, published last May, which she goes on to describe as a “unique text” that offers “a rare summary of information and anecdotes about the women, slaves and free, who were the close companions of the caliphs” and “gives a valuable apercu into the lives of these elite women, their social roles, and their often impressive educational qualifications.”

Read the full review to learn more about this “lively,” collaborative translation here.