Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 3:06 pm

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, since the Library of Arabic Literature has had a busy spring: in May, the editorial board gave a public presentation launching the series at the NYU Abu Dhabi building on Washington Square.  (I hope to post the full video of the presentation very soon.)  In the meantime, I thought I would pass on an excellent bit of LAL-related news: the current issue of the Times Literary Supplement has a glowing review of our anthology, Classical Arabic Literature, selected and translated by Geert Jan van Gelder. I will quote here some choice words from the review itself, by Arabist Peter Webb:

“Geert Jan van Gelder has strung for us an attractive set of pearls – well selected, handsomely presented, readably translated, and helpfully annotated to guide the reading public gently into the world of a very bibliophilic civilization.”

If you’re a TLS subscriber, you can find the full review on their website.  For everyone else, I’ve attached a PDF version here: please read the whole thing!

And please keep an eye on this blog, too: over the next several weeks, we will be launching a series of interviews with our editor-translators talking about the texts they are translating, their translation work and its challenges. Most importantly, we will also be publishing four new titles later this summer: so please watch this space for updates!

Chip Rossetti
Managing Editor, Library of Arabic Literature